Wednesday, January 28, 2015

October's Festivities

Spending our Fall outside at the Springville Pumpkin Patch was truly the highlight of Daxton's day. We tried to make it there at the very least once a week. It has to be the cutest and most kid friendly pumpkin patch I have ever been to. They have TONS of pumpkins, obviously, corn maze, tractor rides, petting zoo, slides, haunted trailor, and corn pits for the kiddos to play in. 

 I can't believe how big my baby is getting.
 The little piggies were Daxton's favorite.

 I think he was a little more afraid of the big pig! He was seriously huge... HUGE!

Here is the infamous corn pit, it was atleast 10x20 feet and a good foot deep or corn kernals. 
Leaf Piles are a fall must!

Daddy's twin!

The table is so tempting, anytime I turn my back he finds his way up there!
 We spent as much time as possible outside knowing our little girl was joining us the following month and we would be stuck inside because of the snow and germs!

 Riding the "vroom vroom" was always number one on Daxton's mind and he would ask us daily, sometimes hourly to go!
 The Priesthood Conference session is a favorite for the girls, we always go out for ice cream together. Who doesn't want a car selfie to remember how we got three carseats and four adults crammed into Brenda's SUV.
 The Mo Tab was and always is overwhelmingly beautiful.
 Brenda and Alan had tons of rotten apples from a recent hail storm so we spent a couple hours playing apple baseball in the backyard.
 Yes I joined in at 8 months pregnant and I rocked it! (Brad wont admit it, but I hit more than he did haha)
 He did hit some though! ;)
 Family time watching Brad play softball.
 Brad made Dax this awesome train table for the playroom and I painted it, it turned out so great! Dax loves play with it. 
 Halloween Nerd
 Im a stick figure whom is most  pregnant! 
 Brad was Bret Michaels if you can't already guess!
Gosh his costume turned out perfect!@

3 Years To Forever

Sometimes I can't help but think back to the beginning... Dating, Engagement and our wedding. So many wonderful memories. I am so thankful to have Brad in my life and that our families joined and that this beautiful wedding was possible. Our photographer for our wedding did such an amazing job, and my Aunt Angie did such a great job with our engagements. These are some of my very favorite pictures to look back on. I am also thankful for Brenda's green thumb, seriously though, isn't their backyard stunning?! My mom worked her usual magic and helped me get all these beautiful decorations. 
 We are so lucky to have had everything turn out so well, considering that in September in Utah, weather is incredibly unpredictable.
 The morning of our wedding we spent hours setting up, then when I went home to get ready it poured rain, Brad scrambled to make everything perfect without my knowledge of the rainstorm. I sure love him!
 The rain stopped before the ceremony, and began again only to stop before the reception. Talk about lucky?! We did spend an hour or so running around and drying everything off after the second rain but I couldn't have loved it anymore.

 I sure do love this crazy guy and our adventures and I am so thankful for the last three years we have spent married to one another and I am beyond grateful for the eternity we have to look forward to in our future with our beautiful kids.

The Hutchings

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Staying Cool

Let me just start off by saying that being pregnant in the summer is truly no fun!
Honestly I dont think we left the house much just so that I could survive the heat and it isnt even that hot here in Utah. Im from Arizona so I know hot! HA

Daxton always watches me put my make up on with so much interest that he some how found my eyelash curler in the bathroom and "did his make up". This kid cracks me up.

Okay, these have to be my favorite thing of all time. (Yes i am 7 months pregnant and riding this monkey? Not sure what it is exactly). It was so much fun, they have 10 or so of these at our mall by us and you rent them out for 15-60 minutes and you just ride around. Daxton loved every second and it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. We have done it again since then and he can now maneuver it by himself and refuses any assistance!

Rain... It is really our (or my) favorite time of the year. We had some awesome rain storms and some great thunder storms. Daxton still months later thinks there is thunder anytime we hear a car or motorcycle pass. Its kinda cute hearing him talk about "funder".

Sunday Best! I take so many pics of this kid, he really gets sick of it, but I love documenting his life and watching him grow.

Thank you Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Daxton's knowledge on how to tip toe, it is honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen. Ever.

Again, like i said before, we didn't spend much time outside this past summer but occasionally having a picnic on the porch was enough for this kid. Yes pajamas all day. Don't say you have never done it either! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Summer Is Coming To A Close

We are all incredibly excited about baby coming in just 9 quick weeks. Hopefully Daxton stays this excited once she arrives. Let me just tell you how hard it is coming up with baby names. Our list consisted of 15-20 names and the name we picked was never even on the list. Even with Daxton I've always had the impression that the name will simply "feel" right and I will know. After thinking Quinnlee was her name for a month it just didn't "feel" right. So onto reexamining names... McKinlee! That has to be it. We were even calling her by it for about 4-5 weeks. Just a few days ago I was watching tv and heard the name. Her name. It immediately clicked. Just like it did with Daxton. We are very excited about it and cannot wait to meet our sweet baby girl!

Daxton loves to show off his muscles. Everywhere and to everyone. 
There is no better way to enjoy the summer then to spend it on the porch with otter pops!
Or with his pink pool... We wanted the blue one but it had a hole. Dang it!
Daxton just started nursery. It hasn't been easy. He hates being away I from Brad and I as of late. As sweet as it is, the break is also much needed for us both! Haha. His favorite part of church is the walk, or run, to and from!
Yup, daily occurrence. Until he stood on it and crushed it. He has been.  Quite sad since then. 
If you ever see Daxton running around our house he usually has my inhaler. Aka his "beeu beeu". He truly thinks it's a gun.. Boys will be boys I guess!
Our garden has been a huge success. Zucchini as big As Daxton!
This poor kid has been so stir crazy with me being 30 weeks pregnant and tired. We do our best to have daily walks to the park and playing with bubbles. I'd say the bubbles are his fav!
Another garden picture. He knows just which ones to pick and loves every kind of berry! 
This has been new. He has recently fallen asleep and stayed asleep on me a few times. It really is the best thing ever to snuggle my little buddy again! His independence makes it a struggle at times. 
Also, never look away. Even when you have to pee really really bad... I ran to my bathroom, gone maybe 45 seconds... By the way I never rolled it back up. It is currently still on the bathroom counter. 
I've been doing my very best to work out and be more active in hopes it'll give me more energy. This is Daxton and I doing some wall sits. Love my little mimic. 
One of our favorite pass times. Visiting the mall and riding all the cars!
Leaving is not our favorite, and I'm sure the surrounding people don't appreciate the screaming tantrum! 

The park with dad is always the most fun! Monkey bars and underdogs and playing tag!

I had to get a picture of his obsessing over the airplane he saw. 

Probably my favorite picture ever. Daxton in this hat, with that toothy grin just about kills me!
I'm pretty sure we can't leave the store without a purchase for this spoiled and well loved little monster!
Here is one of the cutest moments. Daxton holding onto Brad while they over look an "atchu" (tractor). He LOVES watching them but is too scared to go outside. Instead he sat here with his daddy for at least 30 minutes watching tractors and squishing bugs in the window at Grandma Brenda's.